• Total waste management
    to the Caravan Club


Caravan Club


Multi Site Location



The Caravan Club Project

GPT facilitate total waste solutions to over 120 Caravan Club sites. The waste streams managed include general, mixed recycling, glass, green waste andad hoc hazardous waste.The Caravan Club provide modern membership run facilities and are seen as the UK’s leader in caravanning experiences.

The Challenges

The unique aspect in providing services to the Caravan Club is the large number of sites and the location of these – some being in very remote locations. The services provided however, are consistent across all the sites managed by GPT and indeed any member attending any site will see a simplified approach to waste management that ensures all waste is removed and recycled accordingly.

Services & Products

REL Mixed Recycling

REL General Waste

240ltr EuroGlass

1100ltr euro GMW

1100ltr euro Mixed Recycling

Ad Hoc Skips – General Bulky Waste, Green Waste

Ad Hoc Hazardous Waste Collections

Service 8

Ready, Set, Recycle

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