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April 2013

The Hamilton Park Racecourse Project

New regulations to help Scotland become one of the most resource efficient nations in Europe have been passed by the Scottish Parliament.

Scotland have set themselves ambitious recycling targets to meet and these regulations aim to support and encourage business help achieve the 70% recycling rate by 2025 target.

The regulations allow a phased approach so that there is plenty of time for business to adopt and get services right, in light of these new regulations an existing client of GPT Waste has requested that the service provided reflect the regulations and that they are adhering to them;

Hamilton Park Race Course is a thoroughbred horse racing venue in Hamilton, Scotland to the south of Glasgow. It is a flat racing venue, with a season which runs from May to October.

Summary of regulations:

  • Business to present recyclables (metal, plastic, glass, paper and card) for separate collections from 1st January 2014
  • Businesses producing over 50kg of food waste per week
    (except) in rural areas to present it for separate collections by 1st January 2014
  • Businesses producing over 5kg of food waste per week (except) in rural areas to present it for separate collections by 1st January 2016
  • Waste contractors to provide collection and treatment services which deliver high quality recycling
  • A ban on any metal, plastic, glass, paper, card and food
    collected separately for recycling going to landfill or incineration from 1st January 2014

It’s worth noting that Scotland has limited service providers to collect separated waste streams and even fewer alternative disposal routes, however with GPT’s sector knowledge and diverse range of compliant service providers, we can enable a waste service is conducted.

The Challenges

Taking into consideration the seasonal aspect of the client’s needs, GPT Waste have supplied necessary containers to be on site all year round, however the collections are only scheduled during the racing calendar and there after an ad hoc service is provided to manage cost effectively. GPT Waste facilitate a total waste management service including dry mixed recycling, separated glass collections and a food specific collection, meaning site are recycling 100% of waste produced.

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