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The Pilkington Project

GPT were contacted by the client following the set-up of a new manufacturing process on site. This resulted in the production of a new waste stream, the exact composition of which was unknown.

The requirement was to remove large quantities of up to 13 tonnes of the waste stream, in powder format, from site.

A site visit was undertaken immediately, in order to assess the logistics of the job and also to understand both the process from which the waste was produced and the make- up of the waste.

A sample was taken within 24 hours of the request and sent for analysis by GPT.

RoRo containers were discussed but after consideration were deemed to be unsuitable due to the loose nature of the powder and potential problems which could arise during the disbursement of waste around site.

With this in mind, it was decided that tanker collections would provide the optimum method of collection and prove most cost effective whilst maximising load weights being removed from site.

The Challenges

Once the analysis was formally confirmed, a suitable recycling route was sourced for the waste. This proved successful and rates of over 95% are being achieved by mixing the waste with other aggregates.

In addition, transport solutions were provided and top loading tankers proved the most suitable method of removing the waste from site.

A trial load was undertaken within 7 days of the original request being made and this proved successful. As a result, regular loads of between 10 tonnes and 14 tonnes are being removed from site on a regular basis.

Regular monthly recycling reports are produced to confirm the recycling rates achieved for the waste

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