GPT Waste are committed to supporting the Right Waste Right Place Campaign

The Right Waste Right Place campaign has been created to offer you practical advice with meeting your ‘Duty of Care’ obligations under Section 34 of the Environment Protection Act 1990.


GPT Waste Management are committed to supporting this campaign and urge that everyone should give this their attention.  Environmental regulations state that every establishment or business that produces waste, no matter where it is based, has the responsibility for managing it properly.

That means you!

If you do not do so, for whatever reason, your establishment or business is at risk of prosecution with the possibility of a fine if found guilty in court.

Recent research suggests that 90% of those organisations who are currently breaking the law are SMEs, with 0-50 employees.

Mostly this is because they don’t know what their establishment or business needs to do to fully comply with its duty of care obligations.

If that is the case with you, the Right Waste Right Place website will help you understand more about your Duty of Care obligations. It will literally help you put the right waste in the right place, so you can make yourself compliant with the minimum of fuss. The information on this site is designed to be practical and useful; for example; they have included simple ‘Need to Know’ cards on common items discarded as waste, giving at a glance advice on how to dispose of them.

On this website you will also find relevant videos, case studies, a simple guide on how to comply, a detailed Q&A and lots of useful links to get answers for more specific or detailed questions.

Find out more about the Right Waste Right Place campaign here.

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